Should I Have A Professional Headshot for Social Media and Websites?

A professional head-shot instantly conveys who you are to your audience. Musicians, actors and executives all need to set themselves apart from the competition.

A professional business portrait is much more than a mere snap-shot. The right pose will let people know what you do, such as a musician with his instrument. Proper effects will portray inner qualities. For example, a vibrant image will show your energy and a softer focus will project empathy.

A business photographer will make sure your head-shot conveys your unique professional image to your target audience.

If you aren’t comfortable with photo editing software, make sure you get both an original sized photo as well as one that is scaled down in size for the web. (This can be done using Adobe Photoshop and selecting “Save for Web”). It’s also a good idea to ask for one that is a square shape for sites that only take a square photo.